Interesting and Educational

Here’s a link with some great cross-references to sites that will help you learn about programming:

The article will also give you some hints as to why “coding” (another word for software programming) is so very important in the modern world! :)

Arduino Programming Setup

Here are the links you need to set up your programming environment:

First, install the Arduino software here:

Be sure to select the download for your kind of computer, e.g. Windows, Mac, Linux…

More instructions to follow soon…

Some Basics

Hi! I’ll be putting some resources here for you to use!

Electronics and Circuits
Electronics – Breadboards –
Electronics – Ohm’s Law –
Electronics – Resistors –

A Few Printouts

This page from Makezine has a few excellent “cartoon style” printouts for you.


This material is from Khan Academy. It may be a little more advanced in some ways, but try it out and see what you think! :)

Electricity and Magnetism