We’re working out the final class schedule as we move along. I will also link from here to individual posts containing review notes and resource links from these classes.

  • February 1st – Basic breadboarding concepts; Diodes and their function; LEDs; “diode drop;”
  • February 15th – Course outlook; Wonders of electronics!; Considering what it is you may wish to learn from this course!; breadboarding a “blinky” LED circuit
  • February 22nd – Variations on “blinky” illustrating the effects of changing component values of time-constant resistors and capacitors. Introduction to micro controller Integrated Development Environment, or IDE.
    ASSIGNMENT: Set up your programming environment on your laptop or home computer.
    NOTE: For this and all assignments, be sure to check the To Do page for information!
  • March 1st – Finish setting up your computer for use with your micro controller…
    Bring a laptop to class… we will check out your IDE installation, help you set up your Teensy 3.0 micro controller, and answer any questions about using the IDE to program your controller.
    ASSIGNMENT: Make two LEDs blink…
  • March 8th – Essential programming concepts
    ASSIGNMENT: Study the sound program in Assignment Two
  • March 15th – Generating sound with your Teensy 3.0
    ASSIGNMENT: Do Assignment Three, using the Arduino Reference Page
  • March 22nd – Control Structures
  • March 29th – Spring break, *NO CLASS*
  • April 5thMore Control Structures
    ASSIGNMENT: Do Assignment Four; know your control structures!
  • April 12th – Review Control Structures! Let’s be sure we understand what these are and how they work! We’ll also spend some time thinking about projects, and perhaps even Choose a Project! We need to select a final project within the next week or two, so that you can have the time needed to actually make it work! :)
  • April 19th – Continue review of Control Structures. Be sure to get the simple Control Structure sketches download from the ToDo page!
  • April 26th – More control structure review. Build a VU Meter in class, using your 8-LED display as a basis!
    ASSIGNMENT: Choose your project.
  • May 3rd – Finalize your choice of project! Review suggestions on the Lab page, or bring one of your own for me to evaluate!
  • May 10th Work on project completion
    ASSIGNMENT: Create the OUTPUT section of your project program.
  • May 17th – Work on project completion
  • May 24th – Work on project completion

Please check back for updates!